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BIXTOP is here to make your bicycle rides good even on bad weather days. Find BIXTOP products services associated with

We love to see more bicycles, more cyclists on roads around the world. That’s why we always put cyclists at the center stage and design bicycle-focused accessories such as bicycle umbrella and brake & turn  signal cycling gloves. 

With BIXTOP to provide rain cover and sun shield. With BISIGNAL glove to provide lighted turn and brake signals. 

Our innovative products help make your bicycle journeys safer and more enjoyable, even in rainy days and on bad weather days!
Do you wish you could signal brake or turn without lifting hands off your bicycle’s handle bar?

Introducing Cycling BISIGNAL Gloves. The world's first smart cycling gloves that let you give light signals before braking or turning.  Our Cycling BISIGNAL Gloves come fitted with ‘click to light up’ signals for brake and turn cycling moves. Of course, these also protect your hands like regular cycling gloves do. Wear these while riding your bicycle and you can communicate with other road users simply by clicking. A perfect solution for your higher on-road safety and more visibility!  


Efficient and bright LEDs make your presence visible to other road users. Especially in dark areas, and during rainy or foggy days. 


Unique design that allows you to alert other road users about your next on-road moves while keeping your hands firmly on the handlebar. Activate the signal light – brilliant yellow for turning, bright red for braking – with just an easy click.  


Elastic fabric with easy, pull-it-on design that gives impeccable hand fit. The waterproof and breathable fabric keeps your hands warm and protected from harsh weather.   

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